Winter Warmth

Winter Warmth

The brief

London was faced with a cold snap where 6,000 Londoners were forecast to die due to the cold weather. The brief was to try and create a marketing campaign to warn older people of the dangers of cold weather and prevent these deaths.

The solution

To work with a range of partners including British Gas, London Councils, Help the Aged and the NHS to send every Londoner over 65 (518,000) a working thermometer, with messaging on how to stay warm during the cold snap. This direct mail campaign was supported with PR and paid for advertising in the local press. The campaign was turned around within 6 weeks and funded by British Gas.

The results

  • 81 % of Londoners surveyed could recall the mailing
  • 93% of those that remembered the mailing kept the thermometer
  • 86% used it
  • 83% found it easy to use
  • 1 in 10 did something they don’t usually do as a result of getting the thermometer
  • 1,392 calls or letters to the Mayor (mostly positive)