Safer Travel at Night

The brief

To work with stakeholders at the Public Carriage Office and the MET to develop a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of taking illegal mini cabs, to reduce the number of sexual assaults by illegal mini cab drivers.

The solution

We worked with TBWA to develop a campaign that combined awareness raising through PR and TV advertising, with tactical “point of prey” communications in clubs, bars and on the streets to change behaviours. The campaign ran for several years as it developed from targeting revellers in the 18 – 24 age group to a broader audience of their friends and family, with the aim of influencing them into not taking these cabs when vulnerable.

The results

  • 27% fall in sexual assaults, within the first 6 months of the campaign, equating to 85 women a year not being attacked
  • 32% recall of the campaign within the target audience
  • 12% reduction in women who claimed to use taxi touts
  • This campaign won 2 IPA (Institute of Professional Advertising) Awards for marketing effectiveness
  • Established cab wise as a brand, with 100,000 texts within the first 2 years